ROADLUX tires are manufactured by the first all steel truck radial tire production facility in China, with tires manufactured under technical collaboration from Dunlop UK. The machines that are used to manufacture ROADLUX have been imported from Germany, Holland and Japan. The tires have been specially designed keeping the market trends in view both in terms of performance and pattern designs.  
Advanced Duplex Extruder imported from Germany
Small cutting angle cutter imported from Holland
ROADLUX tires are manufactured under stringent quality control systems accredited with ISO9001:2000. The tires are approved by the United States Department of Transportation and proudly have the DOT mark on them. The tires are also approved under ECE certification and proudly have the E mark on them.Each ROADLUX tire, is passed only after it has been thoroughly stressed checked by X-RAY inspection that gives the customer the satisfaction of knowing that each tire they ride on or sell has been individually tested, checked, X-RAYED and then shipped.ROADLUX tires are being exported to over 45 countries; its major markets include North, Central and South America, The Middle East Asia, Africa and South East Asia.
TR25 Single Stage Tire Builder imported from Japan
Mold production line of All Steel Radial Truck Tire
ROADLUX is committed to developing new patterns, new designs and new sizes to suite every need of the everevolving heavy transport industry.